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Inspire Me

Spring is all about new beginnings.  And I find myself in awe of how many friends are setting out on new roads.  As excited as I am for these friends and their new adventures, I am also aware of feelings of being somewhat left behind.  So, in an effort to positively move forward, I have … Continue reading

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

So spring doesn’t officially begin for 13 more days (not that I am counting), but signs of winter’s end are all around.  I spotted our first camelia blooming, the daffodils are poking their little yellow heads out, and I now hear the birds chirping when I wake up in the morning. I remember when Sam … Continue reading

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We are in transition over here at the Poole House… You may have noticed that the posts are slow in coming since the new year and I must admit to being a little overwhelmed.  You see, we’re living among the mortals again, without household help.  Our amazing, wonderful, splendiferous nanny has moved on to greener … Continue reading