“Don’t Postpone Joy”

As summer wraps up, I have been having a difficult time landing on a topic to present to you.  I have so many themes running around my head, design ideas, sumptuous photos, and beautiful food to show you… and like the season, all ripe for the picking.  Yet, my mind keeps landing on something different…

While on vacation I saw a bumper sticker that stuck with me.  This bumper sticker reads, “Don’t Postpone Joy.”  I can’t get it out of my head.  There have been a few tragic losses in my immediate community – families that have lost their fathers in strange and surprising ways.  Immediate ways.    I keep coming back to the fact that life can be taken from us swiftly, permanently, and without apology.  Maybe it is the nursing hormones still in my system post-baby, but all I want to do is wrap my family in a forcefield to protect this life that we are leading, right now, in this minute.  I feel scared and thankful all at the same time and then I think… “Don’t Postpone Joy.”

Have you ever read something from a crazy source that just resonates?   Sometimes I feel this way about Lululemon shopping bags.  The bags are stamped with all sorts of truths or mantras such as, “That which matters the most should never give way to that which matters the least.”  Or, “Do one thing a day that scares you.”  “Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment.  Living in the moment could be the meaning of life.”  You get the idea…  All good thoughts.  Sometimes cliche, but still probably true and certainly good reminders.

We live with so much hustle and bustle.  School is beginning, we are all getting back into our cherished and hated routines, and I feel it is especially important to clear my mind, remembering what is important.  My kids are accomplishing milestones, having growth spurts and tantrums and leaving the nest in little ways each day.  In the next few weeks I am sure that my baby will start to walk…  All of this makes me both proud and desperately wish that I could stop time.  “Don’t Postpone Joy.”

So here, right now, I will present a few moments of our Joy over the last few months and try to encourage you to think of yours.  “Don’t Postpone Joy.”

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Party Time


The day has arrived!  Today is my son’s 3rd birthday party.   Weeks of planning, preparation, and agonizing over internet photos have come to an end and I am excited to celebrate with our friends and family.

In my last post I did not mention my hopes for this blog.  Over the past five years I have been figuring out my roles as mother, wife, etc…, but had placed the role of “creative force” on the back burner ~ this was true with the exception of “the birthday party.”  I found that “the birthday party” was a palatable enterprise because it was a contained event, did not need to be duplicated, and still supported the above mentioned role of “mother.”  Now that I am beginning to feel inspired to be creative in other areas of my life, I will remember “the birthday party” as something that reminded me that (as tired as I am sometimes) the creative spark is still inside, waiting for its time to shine!

I grew up in a house that truly celebrated birthdays. It was a day to feel honored and special.  My mother would set the scene with some fabulous theme and my grandmother would bake the cake.  Her beautiful creations live on in my memory from checkerboard and rainbow interiors to a three-foot bright green crocodile that supported my Crocodile Dundee themed party.  As I frost my son’s cake today, I am thinking of the women who raised me to appreciate hard work and beautiful things.

Now, if only the rain would stop…