Figs in the PNW


So it was brought to my attention this summer that figs can grow (and even ripen) in Seattle!  I had no idea.  Ciscoe Morris is a gardening expert in the Seattle area and he tells us that one can grow figs in the PNW! (click here for the article)  If this bit of news excites you as much as it excites me then check out Raintree Nursery to learn more about the different types of figs that will do well in your climate.  I loved a quote from their site that reads, “If you are among the many people who associate a fig tree with only a hot dry climate, you are in for a delicious surprise.  Fig trees thrive in the Pacific Northwest and much of the nation.”  A delicious surprise, indeed…

If you have been paying attention, you might know that I have a thing for figs.  I might even be developing a reputation… (fig jam, panini sandwiches, and I haven’t even told you about the fig painting that hangs in my dining room!  Yeesh.)  So, after learning about the above, I thought, “What a perfect thing to ask for for my birthday this year!”  Well, wouldn’t you know it, two fig trees were already riding around in my husbands backseat.  I believe his immediate thought upon receiving my fabulous brainstorm, via text, was something along the lines of, “Seriously, woman!?!?”  ESP or just on the same page… we’ll never know.

So… my birthday present this year was a couple of fig trees that someday, just might grow into big trees and maybe, just maybe… will produce figs!!  The giving and planting of a few trees is just about the best birthday present a girl could get in my book.


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