Brie and Fig Jam Panini


So often I look at a project I have completed in the past and think to myself, “Okay, I’ve done that.  Now how could I do it better next time?”  I think this is part of the creative process.  We are always looking at things and wondering how they could be improved.  (You’ll see more on that in a few weeks when I look at my pickle making process.)

But this week, I’d like to stop and say that last year I made loads of delicious fig jam.  Admittedly, fig is my favorite fruit preserve.  It just really makes me happy.  I made lots of it because the year before I ran out.   This year, I am not making one change to that recipe.  Shoot, I lied.  One teeny change… (I cut the figs into eight pieces instead of four pieces this year) But it really is perfect just the way it is.  No (read: very little) improvement necessary!  So, you are welcome to look at last year’s recipe for fig preserves in my post called Ambrosia (here).  I really do think you should try it… it could change your life.


But, since I still want to offer you something new today, here is my favorite thing to do with fig jam, as mentioned in Ambrosia.

Brie, Salami and Fig Jam Panini

yield: makes one sandwich


bread (sourdough, ciabatta roll, whatever you like)

4-5 slices of salami

3-4 slices of brie

Good amount of fig jam slathered on one side of the sandwich

Throw it all together.  Place in a panini maker or grill on the stove, like your favorite grilled cheese.


DSC_0002 DSC_0004 DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0010 DSC_0011 DSC_0013

A sophisticated, savory sweet sandwich that borders on heavenly.  I find that this is a wonderful lunch to make at home with the kids, as it is easy to pull together and make right alongside their traditional grilled cheese.  Add a simple salad and it also makes for a nice light dinner!


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