Nervous.  Excited.  Scared.  Exhilaration.  Anticipation.  LOVE.  Prepared.  Unprepared.  Beginning.   End.  Change.  LOVE.  Curiosity.  Strength.  Confidence.  Trust.  Wonder.  Miracle.  Joy.  LOVE.


My dear friend will hold her first baby in her arms in a matter of hours.  What a profound moment in time this is.  How can one even describe all of the emotions that exist at once.  What will it be like?  Will I be good enough?  Who is this kid?  Thinking back to our births, I realize how very special it is.  The precipice.  The brink.  A blip in time… Transformed in a push and then onto an entirely new adventure.

The fantasy of the imagined changed into the beautiful reality of your baby.

The body has a way of distracting us from these thoughts to move us towards the future.  Pain has a way of limiting introspection at times.  I am living vicariously through this couple that has so much ahead of them.  Their birth story is yet to be.

Wishing you an experience that is all yours… We can’t wait to meet you, Baby.