Summer Corn Salad


It is officially summer!  I am loving that my fridge is jammed full of summer berries and corn.  These are some of my family’s favorite foods and is the sign that tells us that summer has truly arrived!  Yippee!  Since the season is short for berries and corn, we try to make the most of it by eating them all the time!

But, when the temperatures begin to rise, I really have very little desire to be in the kitchen.  All I want is to do is play outdoors with my family.  So, we do lots of picnics and meals at the pool and beach.  And, as glorious as corn on the cob is at home, we like to enjoy it on the go as well.

Before reading any further, you must raise your right hand and repeat after me: “I, (your name), promise to use this information for good and vow not to judge the author of this blog for leaning on a pre-made dressing.”

If you have eaten at our house, you have probably heard us gush about one of our very favorite things… Garlic Expressions.  It is a vinaigrette that we use on just about everything.  It is all natural and I guarantee you will love it.  It is a superb marinade for grilled chicken and it seems to do amazing things for almost any salad!  Garlic Expressions has become a staple in my kitchen and, until it was available in Maine, my mother-in-law was known to occasionally take some home in her suitcase!  (And no, Garlic Expressions is not sponsoring this post or compensating me in any way, I just want to share some of my best secrets with you.)

Summer Corn, Blueberry and Basil Salad

4 ears of fresh corn, lightly cooked and cut off the cob

2 cups blueberries

handful of basil, chopped

Garlic Expressions (or another vinaigrette of your choice if that’s what you have around)

salt and pepper, to taste


This is a very flexible salad.  Quantities can be played with.  Add a grain of your choice to give it a little more heft (barley, farro, or quinoa all would work well).  Really I am just challenging you to put some interesting ingredients together that you might not normally think to pair.  The combination will surprise you.  The corn is lovely and sweet.  The blueberries add an explosion of tart.  The basil brings in some complexity.  The Garlic Expressions does its usual magic.  Enjoy!


Now get outside and play!

Happy Summer!