Like Magic

Author’s Note (01/25/14): Zaarly is no longer operating in Seattle, which is a bummer, but, oh well ~ such is life with start-ups!  The Poole Party Design items are still available on Etsy, though, and most of the other vendors can still be found at local farmer’s markets.  Happy Shopping!


Do you Zaarly?

If you haven’t heard, Zaarly is an awesome new service that has recently launched in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Kansas City and New York.  Zaarly handpicks vendors to bring the local marketplace online.  It combines local flavor and personality with the ease and convenience of online shopping!  Looking for your favorite farmer’s market salsa guy or amazing caramels?  Searching for a new personal trainer or some everyday help?  Look no further.  Zaarly prides itself on bringing only the best providers to you, by showcasing references and reviews, as well as a personal story by the vendor.  By the time you are ready to purchase, you know a little something about who you are buying from.  What a nice change from the often faceless feeling of buying online!  Zaarly is becoming known around Seattle as one of the best new resources in town. Many of the vendors even offer FREE local doorstep delivery in the greater Seattle area!  More vendors are being added daily to give you even more selection.  Stay tuned for fun events and developments!

When I became a parent, I tried for awhile to function as I did BK (Before Kids).  This was easier with one child than with three, obviously.  In some ways we have achieved this lofty goal – we still like to go out to dinner to restaurants on occasion and we still like to explore our city and natural surroundings.  But, one area that has changed dramatically since BK  is that I adore any company that will deliver to my doorstep.  AmazonFresh and Amazon top the list, but sometimes I am looking for more niche items and I don’t have the time or patience to search all over town.  Since moving from our old neighborhood of Ballard, for example, I am still on the hunt for the perfect croissant and savory scone nearby.

As it happens, Poole Party Designs also recently opened a storefront on Zaarly.  I have gotten to know the website, as well as some of the people behind it and I am thoroughly impressed.  I am excited to be part of something new in Seattle and I am thrilled to get to share it with you.  Check out some of our latest items here:

DSC_0008  DSC_0045DSC_0025 DSC_0006

Have a birthday party coming up this weekend that you haven’t had a moment to shop for?  Baby or wedding shower later this month and you don’t know what to get?  Show how thoughtful you really are with a custom gift for your loved one.  The best part is, you can order online and your gift will show up on your doorstep!  Voila!  Like magic…

That’s how I feel today!  Somewhere in Seattle, someone is baking up some savory biscuits that will appear on my doorstep tomorrow!  Like magic!  I can’t wait…

Oh, and another thing.  If Zaarly hasn’t made it to your city yet, check out the Handmade Goods category and find lovely artisan quality items that can be shipped all over the world.  Homemade Marshmallows or Seersucker Bow Tie, anyone?

Happy Shopping!

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