Book Bag Fever

Apples on the trees, school in session – seems like the perfect time to start making some book bags!

I will admit that this project began out of necessity.  The boys’ new preschool does not like the kids to bring backpacks.  Curious.  Apparently, the cubbies are just too small.  They were being overwhelmed by backpacks.  I love the image of backpacks pouring in from all corners, filling the room!  Be that as it may, the kids are bringing stuff home every night – artwork and papers everywhere!  Hence, the need for a slimmer, more streamlined bag to keep the mama from losing her head.  Ideally, it would be appropriately sized for a preschooler to carry.  Where does one find such a thing?  “Hmmm…” I say, (with a closet full of awesome fabric…) “I’ve seen a book bag before, I bet I can figure this out.”  And so the bag-making frenzy begins at the Poole house…

Why do school supplies evoke such lovely memories?  Even though I don’t need to buy myself #2 pencils or lined paper anymore, these book bags make me feel like a kid all over again!  This little project was not based on a pattern, so if and when I refine my process, I will post a tutorial.  Also, I am feeling a bit obsessed with monograms, if you haven’t noticed.  You will be seeing more of them in items soon to be listed to the shop.  In the case of the book bag, there was a dual purpose for the monogram; easy preschool identification and style.  Here is Duncan modeling his new tote (I find his cross-body-carry especially hip).  My personal favorite, to date, is the elephants!

7 thoughts on “Book Bag Fever

  1. I’m thinking that the book bags will be a great Christmas gift for the grandkids in Bend and Spokane. Will have to think of unique patterns for the girls and 1 boy, but that should pose no problem. Very clever, classy and just so much fun!

  2. What a handsome fellow Duncan is! And so stylish with his new bag! Sounds like the whole class might need one 🙂

  3. oh goodness, I love these! and I love keeping tabs on you this way. you are quite talented in so many ways, I think its wonderful you are documenting this amazing time and thank you for sharing! I admire the way you make it all happen. I must have the P bag when you start selling!!
    beautiful family, beautiful craftings, miss you Lesley a big hello to your family from us!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Phaedra! I so appreciate your very kind words. Please continue to keep tabs on me here, but it would be fun to see you in real life as well! Give your family a big hug from the Poole Family.

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